Shenzhen Qianye Crystal Artwork Co., Ltd was founded on 2000, the headquarter is located in Shenzhen, and there are branches in Hong Kong and Beijing, respectively. Our production bases are distributed in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, Nanchong, Sichuang province, Yiwu Zhejiang province. We have the area of 5000 square for office and showroom, and more than 200 excellent employees team. We have the most professional independent R&D / design team, marketing team, management team and superb technology.

      We have gone through 10 years, with the help and leading of the industry colleagues. In the past ten years, our company have grown up to become the largest crystal handicraft, home accessories, artwork, collectibles manufacturer and specialized, diversified gifts enterprise, collection R&D, design, production, sales (including national chain) and service in one.

    In this decade, we gradually got to know our customer groups:

    Our customer base throughout all provinces and cities of the mainland, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region, footprints all over the world.Since the company was established, under the close collaboration and strong supportive with the dealers and end customers, we formed a long-term strategic partnership to lay a solid foundation for the future development of our company.

    We are honored to offer services for Huawei, Skyworth, Hengda Real Estate, TCL, Bank of China, XCMG, Shandong Heavy Industries, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered Bank, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Deutsche Bank, the SM Group on Philippine, LG, Swiss Bank, Volkswagena, a large number of well-known domestic and international corporate. These customer group let our QY Crystal achieved the development space and road.

  In this decade, we gradually formed our own corporate cultures:

     The first corporate culture is to make the employees on the company's supremacy. All works must uphold and strengthen the business philosophy of "respect staff, training staff, rely on the staff, care staff, help staff, return staff" .

     The talent is the first factor and resource of the corporate development. We are confident that the employees' progress is the progress. People-oriented is the basis fundamental of Qianye's start-up and development.

  In this decade, we gradually formed our own design advantages:

     The two main characteristics of Qianye are that the design is the most professional, the quality control is the most stringent. The company design is generous and investment. Design is the pilot, the design of antennae with the development of the market has been extended to the thoughts and ideas of the customer. Often introduced design concepts can resonate with customers, marketable. We summed up the pursuit of customers is a great art. So we always lead the design forefront of all-round service  

In this decade, we gradually clear business goals:

Do employees support the company,

Do customers trust the partner,

Do industry respect the enterprise,

Do social praise of group.

 In this decade, we have also made some little honors:

     Our company was honored by Shenzhen Craft Gift Association absorbed to be governing units years ago. Has been named "the first session of China's gift industry TOP30 Product Innovation Award", "the second session of China's gift industry the TOP30 Outstanding Brand Award "

     Enthusiastic about public welfare in the development process, and did not forget to make something back to society in a timely manner, such as to build a primary school "Guizhou of Bijie hezhang watery hope."

     Looking to the future, we are proud of his success, and always uphold to the service concept "customer pursuit is our responsibility", continue beyond and innovation, to be the lead brand enterprises of gift industry.

     In the new ten-year development journey, we will unite industry colleagues to provide customers with innovative, high-quality and a wide range of products and services, go hand in hand, create brilliant!


Our mission

allow the art enrich our life!

Our vision

Do employees support the company,

Do customers trust the partner,

Do industry respect the enterprise,

Do social praise of group.

Our values

Honest and trustworthy

Achievements customers

Development and innovation

Multivariate win-win

 Our service aims

Pursuits of customers is our responsibility!




Our concept of quality

Product equal to the character,

Quality is life!

Our concept of employment

Talented unconventional reuse

Virtuous without training to use

Talent without virtue restrict to use

No virtue no talent resolutely do not

The rule of our performance

Advocating the results focus on capacity

Speak with the results, so that the performance of us to be proud

With the ability to proof, have an ability show

Our management style

People-oriented, Result-oriented 


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