Qianye Crystal's Barbeque Party on August
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Set at 3 PM in the day,company downstairs,first to make a roll call,then started off by bus which company booked in advance.Two hours later,we arrived at the barbecue beach,NanAo Xichong.After one hour’s free time,a lot of colleagues like a professional swimming athlete can't wait to swim."literary and artistic" youth just walked along the beach, picked up shells. Many beautiful girls colleagues love to make a photo of theirselves with different various postures.We were so happy In the face of the beauty of the landscape and such blue sky.

About six o 'clock, barbecue started.colleaques were grouped , distributed food, fuel, and other ingredients barbecue utensils. Each team had a clear division of labour,some washed dishes,ignited the fire,made the sauce, ingredients distributed beverage  · · · step-by-step, orderly.Barbecue, while chatting.Some talk about life, some talk about housework, some jokes.Talking and laughing,the beef,meat and barbecue things done!Ate and continued idle time. 

In order to let everyone enjoy the best, the beach KTV was booked out by our company.Some colleages were full and went to the KTV sang it’s favorite songs. At the same time, each department sent a kongmin light and flied the kongmin light.The cool sea breeze, the aroma of BBQ,happy colleagues, flying kongmin light · · · as if we are dreaming.With laughing sound,wave sounds…Watched the symbol of hope,kongmin light flying far...... our company will go further!!

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