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Breakthrough and innovation

The third quarter big skills competition activities started, on the stage every handsome boys and pretty girls only got some simple materials (a newspaper , a Konfetti, a stapler, a box stitching needle and two wig, two deputy sunglasses), two person in each team started on a fierce dress design battle.

Seen from the photo, a suite of excellent arts shown in front of us, the boys and girls, dressed in novelty, fashion and individualized fasion which designed by themselves. To watch carefully, you can never imagine that there were even two “Brother Sharps”, they are the real “Brother Sharp” of our QiantYe Crsytal, furthermore, there are beautiful faery, and National Guards, it was really strange freak thought and try to be unique! Their extremely creativity made the viewers hysterical(extremely funny)!

We Qianye Crystal idea in line with “innovation design leading the trend” and been one of the leader in this market, which could also seen that our employees good at play to innovation as the guide idea in anywhere, together with the new thinking of design, showing different self! 






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