The difference between crystal glass cup and common glass cup
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Cup type on the market is multifarious, how to choose is also a kind of knowledge. Besides the shape,the glass material also can not be ignored.Glass materials can be simply divided into common glass and crystal glass.

Then,what’s the difference between crystal glass and common glass?


Ordinary glass material is thicker, and to ensure its’ durability ,the edge at the top will be reinforced ,but this will decrease the overall experience on wine tasting.Most of common glass is cheaper.for  it ‘s made from silicon dioxide, this material of molecules is hard to react with other substances, belong to the inert material, it’s airtight,so it’s no residual detergents of the fragrant ingredients or corroded by detergent when clean with washing machine.High borosilicate glass is a kind of high-grade glass, has the characteristics of durability, heat resistance, resistance to scratch.
Crystal glasses are not made from crystal (Quartz), but made from 2% to 30% of minerals adding.This mineral is usually Lead,which can strengthen the glass and meet the requirements of lightweight and durable at the same time.

Crystal glass cup, or more accurately, lead or mineral glass cup, because the glass is light,thin and strong  its’ sound is very clear,Lead crystal glass refraction light performance is excellent, observing on wine is more bright and clear.A crystal glass appear on the market is not made from Lead, but  a certain proportion of magnesium and zinc replacement, Besides,it has the advantages of leaded crystal cup, can also clean in the washing machine.

From the point of quality, both lead and lead-free crystal wine glass cup belong to high quality glass.Need to point out that most of the crystal glass is Lead, but using this kind of cup to drink does not dissolve lead in the glass.after all.It’s a short time when the wine contact with glass cup,unless the wine stored in the lead crystal glass for more than a week.

Mineral content in the Crystal glass from different producers may be different.In the UK.For example, in the crystal glass products,about 24% or more.The rules in the United States is more relaxed, specific to the manufacturer's instructions.

In the end, to choose common glass or crystal glass, based on personal needs.Don't like to clean glass by hand, just use ordinary glass or lead-free crystal wine glass.Often break things, just choose ordinary glass.Value the quality of the glass, just choose hand-made crystal wine glass.If have children or pets at  home, better to choose cheaper common glass, or the glass cup without cup stem,it’s more safe.

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