Crystal Classification
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About Crystal

      According to their different forming conditions ,crystal can be categorised as Crude crystal ,manmade crystal and crystal glass (all of them contains SiO2).Here are some detail characteristice:

Crude crystal: A colorless and transparent crystallized mineral in more than 3000 kinds of ores .Almost the same Chemical components as sand, crystal comes from the ferfect SiO2 crystallize,Formed by nature,it is asymmetric with much impurities,its hardness tested to be for touches 7 and a refractive index valued >1.544 .Gestationed over thousands of hundreds of years,crystal gives people special nimbus when wearing it,and also called the embodiment of luck and power.

Manmade crystal: Also known as cultivate crystal ,that is ,putting the crude minerals and some chemicals into high-voltaged caldron to imitate the environment which crude crystal needed ,after 1-3 months’s coltivation ,finally gain what you want ,but different crystal will need different time to grow .You will find that manmade crystal and crude crystal,in many aspects (such as chemical components, molecule array,optical performance and electronic functions etc)are nearly the same .However ,when comes to double refraction ,and polarization ,the have been cumulated by thousands of hundreds of years.

Crystal glass: Foreign crystal glass always comtained high-percentage lead .Since the hardship and refraction decides by PbO percentage ,certain amount of PbO offen be added into general giass,and when above 30% ,refraction will be higher than crude crystal .In domestic market ,crystal glass means K9 optical glass,In 2000,the first China Crystal glass exhibition commission searched and registered this technical expression at State Bureau of Light Industry, which exactly descrial the crystal material in domestic market .Products made by his material is very popular because its excellent quality and reasonable price!

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