How to Identify Lead Crystal
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 Identifying the differences between lead crystal and ordinary glass is not an exact process. Yet there are certain aspects to look for: Lead crystal is softer than ordinary glass, allowing for intricate patterns to be cut into the surface, and it's characteristic luster gives lead crystal a clearer appearance than ordinary glass. Fine lead crystal is identified by its slight gray tint, which throws the highlights of the surface's design into more defined contrast. 


1 Hand wash each piece of glassware separately in warm water. Add 1 tbsp of mild liquid dish detergent to the water to remove smudges from the surface of the glassware.

2 Dry each piece with paper towels or a soft cloth till they are completely dry. Examine the glassware in a well lit area to ensure that pieces are smudge-free.

3 Hold both pieces toward the light. The lead crystal piece will refract the light, producing a rainbow effect, while the light passing through ordinary glass with not produce any effect. Also notice how lead crystal appears to glisten and sparkle more than the ordinary glassware.

4 Tap your finger gently against a curved area of the pieces. The lead crystal piece will produce a clear ringing tone and will continue to vibrate slightly. Lead crystal is heavier than ordinary glass, which causes the vibrations to last longer and produces a clearer sound. Ordinary glass will have a pinging sound and will not vibrate.

5 Feel the weight difference of each piece. The lead crystal piece is heavier than the ordinary glass because of the lead oxide added to the glass. The heavier a piece is (when compared to ordinary class) the higher the lead oxide content.       

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