Crystals and Health
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The beauty and power of crystals and other stones have long been recognized, from the ancient times of Tutankhamen to the modern masterpieces of Cartier and Faberge.

They have always been prized for their beauty and their healing and spiritual properties.

Healers, shamans, priests and spiritual seekers have used crystals for their special powers.

Crystal healing today continues to find new ways in which minerals can help us restore to balance our stressful lives.

Science has yet to determine what happens during crystal healing, but changes felt by the participants and the lasting benefits that can be gained are not diminished by this. A popular theory is that crystals actually vibrate at the same pitch as people, and can be used to relieve suffering because the resonance between the patient and the stone either combats the vibration of illness or amplifies those of health.

Traditional remedies, such as herbalism, homeopathy and crystal therapies, can be seen as natural alternatives for, or complementary with modern drugs. With the recent swing toward holistic and alternative medicine, many people are turning to crystals not only to help cure their ailments, but significantly, to maintain optimum health.


You can start with a very straightforward collection of stones.

Small tumbled stones are very useful in crystal healing. For convenience, select stones that will not be too heavy when placed on the body but won’t be so small as to get lost easily. Flatter stones will stay in place more easily than round ones. Aim to gather at least two crystal stones of each spectrum colour (they don’t have to be the same type of stone).

• Small natural crystals of clear quartz are invaluable. It is useful to have 10-12, each about 2-3cm 3/4-l 1/4 inch in length.
• Small natural crystals of amethyst, smoky quartz and citrine are less common but well worth acquiring where possible.
•A small hand-sized Crystal cluster of clear quartz or amethist is useful for cleaning and charging your stones and crystal jewellery.
•Larger single stones and tumbled stones are useful to hold and to use as meditatior tools. Work with one or two that attract you and that you feel happy with. It is better to work with a few stones, than superficially with many.

Whether a crystal is clear or battered and grubby it will have the same internal orderliness and potential for healing. Some crystals are hard, others scratch very easily. Even hard crystals may be brittle and handle them with care.


New stones need to be cleansed before you use them. Cleansing crystals removes unwanted energy and restores them to their original clarity, so it should be carried out each time your crystals are used for healing. If you do not cleanse your stones they will become less effective and may pass on imbalances or energetic static. You might detect this as a feeling of heaviness or unpleasantness.

INCENSE OR SMUDGE STICK: Hold the crystal within the smoke of the incense or smudge stick. Herbs such as sage, cedar, sandalwood and frankincense are used for their purifying qualities. Placing stones on a crystal cluster will clean them ; alternatively surround the stone with clear quartz points for 24 hours.

VISUALIZATION: Take a deep breath and blow over the crystal. Imagine that you are clearing away negativities. Repeat.

SEA SALT: Use dry sea salt in a small container and bury the crystal for 24 hours. Don’t use salt water as this damages softer stones.

SUN AND WATER: Hold the crystals under running water for a minute and then place in the sun to dry.

SOUND: The vibrations of a pure sound can energetically clean a crystal. A bell, gong or tuning fork can be used for this purpose.



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